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This one’s a odd one.

So i just watched todays episode of waterloo road, and i couldn’t help but tear up at Dynasty and Kevin’s little crying sesh, i just couldn’t cope with it, i don’t know weather its because i know how she feels or because it reminded me of how forever alone i am. Im not even exaggerating. Im a massive loser an i cant help but wonder why. People laugh at me and ask why i like such ‘stupid things’ and i’m not the type of person to stand up for myself, i just sit there hoping for the problem to just leave or the people which ever comes first. These days i really wish i could throw cup-a-soup in their faces. I get days, which is pretty much 6 days out of a week that i want to die and ask myself why im still here. i cant even being to imagine the hate im gonna get for this. But its true i dont know why im still alive, im so fucked up that i cant feel anything anymore, i just sort of smile and wave but with every smile something inside me just wants to scream to rip my insides out, to be merely a scorch on the pavement but somehow im still. Still they say everyday you take one more step to death maybe mine will be sooner rather then later, that would be kinda peachy. I dont know where im going with this, i cant even begin to explain whats going on in my head.

Im not sure how to follow that. So im just going to end it here.

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Why hello there ol’ Chap!

So im writing this blog thing while waiting for my phone to charge, my plug-in charger broke so i have to use the laptop. Im so tired but i wont be able to sleep because i have Insomnia, its a bitch. And my mother said i couldn’t take my sleeping tablet tonight…BOOO!

Today as part of our sixform ‘education’ we had to go on a trip to a ‘safe drive stay alive’ which i admit had me and several other people in tears. Untill this, talk i never knew how common it was. There was one story that affected me a lot thought. A Middle-aged woman came on stage with a teddy bear and started to talk about her son, he was a ‘baby model and he loved rugby’ But one Saturday he decided to get into  a friends car who he didnt know had been drinking, so on the way home he was speeding and crashed, Her son later died at hospital. However she then started to cry; this is what hit me the most, he step-daughter who was only 17 died this September in a car accident. For it to happen to the same person twice does truly show how horrible and common it is. It did make me cry. 

Im having boy problems  And its annoying. Someone please take theses boys away from me? Thank you. 

Im supposed to be writing an essay on Nettie from the color purple but im too tired and i forgot. ‘printing problems’ will have to do. <—— English is so Bleghhh!

MARTIN KNOWS ABOUT THE RED PANTS GUYS. Act calm, if we sit here a drink tea perhaps he will pass by quietly…Or he could join us…im sure that would be entertaining…Do you think dressing up as Benedict Cumberbatch and turning up at Martin Freeman’s house, he would let me in? I suppose this plan would work untill the door knocking part if i knew where he lived…DOOOO WEEE DOOOOO. 

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Hey New followers!

I’d just like to say hey to my new followers! :3 







It truly means a lot!


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A Tad Bit About Me.

Hey Hey! 

I’m a 16 year old girl who decided to make this blog while drinking a Cup-a-Soup. However i don’t think that is  at all, necessary for you to know. I am a sixform student, for those of you who don’t know what that means basically its like college but at a school. I study ALevel History, ALevel English Literature and BTEC performing Arts. Wooo Go me, I suck at all of them except Drama, But i want to be a performer of some sort anyway. 

I recently got a Job, I would tell you where but if i did i would props get sacked…And i have only done my induction day! Which basically i got £40 for sitting down listening to people talk whilst drinking coffee. Easiest £40 of my life. Here i am talking to you about…stuff and i get attacked by a moth. Hmm Moth meat. 

I should probably tell you more about myself. I’m English but i’m half welsh…I get sheep jokes all the time. My mum and my dad got divorced when i was about 6, but since then both of them have been married so i have so many different people connected to me. Recently from my Step-mum I found out that her side of the family Know Benedict Cumberbatch and his family…Needless to say i screamed asked why hadn’t they invited him to my birthday meal then screamed again. Then i realized that i have actually met him Mum, at My step-nans house; at one of there infamous parties.(There just a bit slightly rich)

I have been part of ze Fandom world since forever, however i didnt know about tumblr till about two years ago, i joined creating my first fandom blog! It features everything From everything between Sherlock and the long wait till season 3 to the  Mystic Falls of The Vampire Diaries. People delete me from facebook because they just cannot handle my fangirl awesomeness. Which is there loss, they could of been so very happy. I’M EAGERLY AWAITING THE HOBBIT.